Services Provided

  • App Design
  • Branding
  • Development
  • Motion Graphics
  • UX/UI
  • Visual Language


Consumer / Lifestyle / Health
Germany / International


Objective approached us to improve its brand and application and give it a contemporary user experience. Their service centers around everyone’s beloved pet and is available via the same-named app. It keeps track of your pet’s health record and essential documents and provides a vet appointment service. The brand needed an overhaul to connect its services with a recognizable wordmark and a unique advertising approach. On the other hand, the app required a form-follows-function wireframe with a contemporary interface design.



Having a pet is a playful, lively, and unique relationship, which were also the key elements we needed to bring to the brand’s identity. Furthermore, the app and its services ought to be welcoming, embracing & rewarding to encourage pet owners to keep track of their pet’s health and documentation. Another requirement was that the app feels organized, reliable & functional since it deals with sensitive and private information.



The identity centers around two strong visual concepts, the in-app illustrations, and the pet portrait videos. They provide a unique advertising approach and an easy-to-recognize brand image. This is supported by a bright, warm, vibrant color scheme and a functional but conceptual overall feel. Small animations and details give the design a distinctive appearance. The wordmark itself is somewhat understated, but its round shapes and asynchronous swing resemble attributes from our overall approach, leading us to a brand for pet lovers.

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