Services Provided

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Way-Finding System
  • Developement
  • Copywriting
  • Spatial Design


2018 - Onwards
Ready - Ongoing
Digital marketing, Conference, Trade Fair
Germany / International


DMEXCO is one of Europes' biggest and most prominent Digital Marketing events. 1000+ companies and more than 40 000 visitors come together every year, each one with its own identity. We were commissioned to develop a visual language that stands out and doesn't get lost in such environment; to create a sustainable framework for the event and the year-round ecosystem. It had to be clear, transparent, modern and timeless, in order to stay relevant for many years to come.



The logo is a dynamic system representing the concept of responsiveness that is the very basis of the Digital. Starting with the longer version representing the big mediums such as billboards, desktops and big screens all the way to the icon version representing the smaller mobile devices and vertical billboards. It is very "digital" aesthetically. It represents seamless transition from Landscape to Portrait. There also were a few semantic issues that we have solved with new logo.



According to our system Blue and Red are assigned very concrete meaning. Blue is Expo; Red is Conference. We made sure that it is the case in absolutely all of the assets. Offline and online. It creates a visual language that people can rely on. We also assigned a shape to each part. Square is Expo; Circle is Conference. This way you get two levels of visual identification that is very primal and understandable yet very distinct and recognisable. We also created a system of icons based on it that assigns a logical abbreviation to all the stages and halls, so people can navigate the event with ease.