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Social Media Strategy & Administration, Content Creation

At Burge®s everything is real. The taste, freshness, products, professionals - but above all, the innovative spirit and the love of what they do! To communicate all this beyond Krefeld’s boundaries, we developed a Social Media Strategy to push the existing channels to a new level. Therefore, we needed to create various, entertaining, informative and trustworthy content. From video and photography to animated graphics - it was all produced in-house in a cost-effective way.

As a kick-off, we released an image video that we produced on a one-day shooting in Krefeld. Our goal was to start the social media communication with an emotional, convincing and trust-building content, that focuses on Burge®s’ realness and authenticity.

Sometimes good content just isn’t good enough. Good content must lead to measurable success. In October 2015, we took on the social media communication and started with a 2.462 fans on Facebook. But until today, we increased the numbers of fans to 6.661 (+ 4.199). Besides, our content strategy also made a big impact on reach and interaction. Bon appetit! 

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