Ich trag’ Helm

Deutsche Verkehrswacht

Charity, Association & Government

Digital, Print, Copywriting, Development, 
Photography, Advertising Campaign

Set a good example. Wear a helmet!
This is what our awareness-raising campaign is all about. Together with the charitable association u00bbDeutsche Verkehrswachtu00ab and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure we want to encourage people to take care of themselves. Without being preachy.
4 representative characters grace the campaign motifs that are the heart of the campaign. The key visuals and slogans are conceptualized and designed to be thought-provoking and arouse curiosity by using the method of omission and ambiguity.

We structured the landing page in 4 viewports that automatically adjust to the size of each device size due to its responsive design. By being dynamic, interactive and informative the functioning of the landing page encourages to self-responsible actions. Just like in traffic.


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