Services We Provide


Corporate Identity Related Project

Design system and graphical standards that inform the visual identity of a brand.


Digital Solutions Related Project

Strategy, design, and development of digital solutions using the latest technology.


Editorial Related Project

Typography, grid systems, and art direction.


Packaging Related Project

Packaging design guided by form, function, and sustainability.


Spatial Design Related Project

Brand representation in three-dimensional space. Interior and exhibition design, way-finding systems.


Brand Strategy Related Project

Long-term plan that guides the development and optimization of a brand. Brand narrative, positioning, messaging, and identity.

Clients & Partners

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A Berlin-based design practice operating within the fields of brand strategy, digital solutions, editorial design, spatial design, packaging, motion design, and marketing. We work with a range of clients from small grassroots startups to large infrastructure projects.

Visual communication resembles architecture in that it contributes greatly to the built environment. It does so using very different means. The end, however, is similar. At the core of our practice is an intention to improve our living environment with good, sustainable design.

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