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Award-winning design practice creating and growing modern brands. We work with small startups and large companies on brand strategy, design, experience, and communication.

Visual communication resembles architecture in that it contributes greatly to the built environment. It does so using very different means. The end, however, is similar. At the core of our practice is an intention to improve our living environment with good, sustainable design.

The Afterschool Special is a conversation about design as a cultural practice. It is about the role of culture in society and the role of design in culture. Modernist nostalgia and Postmodernism of the Late Capitalism.

We discuss elements of art history, philosophy, and critical theory. Socio-cultural dynamics and where they come from. Our goal is to help design students and others interested in the subject understand how to use design as a tool to shape environments as opposed to one used for decorative purposes. This event is free but space is limited, please be sure to get a ticket.

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