Founded in 2004 by Bartosz Navarra, the studio evolved over time into an award-winning design practice operating in Berlin. Formed by a cross-functional and multi-cultural team with expertise and specialized in brand strategy, identity & experience. The studio is complemented by the LAB, Navarra's development department. Established in 2010 in Krakow, it provides expertise and experience in delivering digital solutions from our initial idea to the final creation.

Using design as a powerful tool to transform businesses and society while following the systematic approach of applying a scheme of exploration, analysis and strategy is for us fundamental. Based on these insights we can make justified decisions. Independent of the output, we strive to offer new perspectives on established assumptions, methods and solutions to create unique design languages and launch new products and services.


A mutual exploration of your project is the foundation for our partnership. Together we determine the status quo, examine your ideas and goals, and how to fulfill them. We outline our combined intent & impact of our collaboration and define the approach.

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Exploration & Analysis

Research and analysis are the cornerstones of our work and lead to the success of our collaboration. We take a deep dive into your brand & product, looking at the bigger picture, examining the cultural background, and exploring your market & trends. We will be captivated, demanding, and inquisitive about getting to the core.

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Our next step is to build on what we have learned about you, your brand, and your product during the exploration & analysis phase. In line with your needs, we can start by focusing on the fundamentals: in-depth market & target group analysis, sales & advertising proposition, and brand positioning. Suppose your needs lie more in external communication; we can move directly to setting your brand's voice, defining channel strategies, and creating campaign ideas – everything based on precise observation of your brand, product, customers, and competitors.

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Based on our brand strategy and its recommendations our team then translate the outcome to visual systematics. Our objective is to create a distinctive yet flexible design solution that works throughout all your consumer touch points and applications while feeling consistent. We strive to improve the way things work to bring about a positive, justified change.

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Development & Production

The ideas and designs that evolve during our collaboration, such as packaging, stationary, or campaign assets, are produced from our studio in Berlin – if required, in close partnership with a team of suppliers, photo- and videographers. Navarra LAB, our development department, handles the digital solutions and provides a fluent transition from the initial idea over design to development and into your final asset.

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Execution & Delivery

We will place your project digitally on all relevant channels as well physically, OOH such as billboards, or with other relevant deliverables. Our vast network of partner agencies will take care of performance marketing and PR.

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Service we provide

We guide brands through the process of making, complex, right decisions and informed choices. Our team of brand strategists and designers will help you achieve your desired impression to perform growth and change.

Brand Strategy

· Market & Trend exploration
· Target group analysis
· Brand Architecture
· Positioning & Advertisement Approach
· Brand Core & Tonality
· Brand Behavior
· Employer Branding
· Campaign Ideation

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Brand Identity

· ????

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Brand Experience

· Commmunication Strategy
· Channel Analysis
· Content Creation
· Campaign Production & Execution

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Clients & Partners

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Drop Us a Line if You’re Ever so Inclined

Navarra is an independent, award-winning design studio based in Berlin - specializing in brand strategy, identity & experience, and digital solutions. We work with clients from independent founders to established brands, and from small businesses to corporations.

Our holistic and humanistic approach is driven by collaboration and commitment, combining precise strategic thinking with purposefully composed design.

Work(See Overview)(See Reel)

The Afterschool Special is a conversation about design as a cultural practice. It is about the role of culture in society and the role of design in culture. Modernist nostalgia and Postmodernism of the Late Capitalism.

We discuss elements of art history, philosophy, and critical theory. Socio-cultural dynamics and where they come from. Our goal is to help design students and others interested in the subject understand how to use design as a tool to shape environments as opposed to one used for decorative purposes. This event is free but space is limited, please be sure to get a ticket.

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